The e-Learning Platform OLAT at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel

The OLAT (Online Learning And Training) platform is a service for our students to facilitate e-Learning. OLAT was originally developed at the University of Zürich and it is nowadays very common at German universities.

OLAT is open source and needs no additional software. It may be used with different operating systems and web browsers.

OLAT Login

OLAT login

Login credentials are provided by the operating centre ("Rechenzentrum") of Kiel University.

After successful login, each user can configure his/her own settings, i.e. courses can be added as bookmarks, the language can be switched to English.

Course overview

OLAT course overview Course overview after login. Click on the purple field "Start course" on the right to view course details, register for a course or access course materials.

Agrigenomics Modules

OLAT module overview

Each module appears in the same design in order to facilitate searches. Top left are the tabs for registration and course materials (larger picture see below), a course description and organizational details in the central part and the contact details of lecturers/course supervisors on the right.

Registration and course materials

OLAT access course materials

In order to access course materials, registration for the course is necessary. Each module contains a folder with the respective course material (i.e. lecture slides).