Student´s life

AgriGenomics is one of the international programs offered by Kiel University enrolling students from different parts of the world. Here, students are encouraged to learn, interact and exchange ideas in a multicultural environment. Students from various countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ghana, Syria, Serbia, Macedonia, Nepal (among other nationalities) have a close interaction.

In order to share ideas and exchange information, AgriGenomics students have created a Facebook group. You can join it here AgriGenomics @ University of Kiel (this is a closed group, please ask the permission of group admin to join).

Some of our students have shared their thoughts and experiences during their study period:

“After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Bioinformatics and Genome Research, I was eager to deepen my knowledge in the field of genetics and put theory into practice.The master’s program AgriGenomics was the perfect choice, because the research at CAU Kiel is very application driven. In addition to attending informative lectures, we gather experience in the laboratory and are being introduced to various companies as potential future workplaces. The faculty members are always supportive and do a great job in preparing us students for our own research.” - Janina Braatz, 23, Germany

Kanishk "In the ever-changing world of biotechnology this course is a well thought-of and diverse mixture of technologies in animal and plant sciences. What I like about the course is its practical approach towards teaching. Whether it’s about the well designed practical modules, the industry excursions or the lectures, the main focus is on applicative technologies rather than theoretical jargon. Additionally, being such a diverse course, you also come across a wide mix bag of colleagues and lecturers.” – Kanishka Sinhal, 24, India
“Achieving a Master degree and living your dream in a place where others come to spend their vacation!” This says a lot about Kiel. Having the opportunity to study plant and animal genomics and to live just few kilometers from the sea! If your dream is similar to mine, than Kiel and the Master program in AgriGenomics should definitely be your first choice.” – Dijana Pavleska, 26, Republic of Macedonia Dijana
“The M.Sc. AgriGenomics program at CAU Kiel has offered me acquaintance with the most current knowledge in the application of genomic techniques for improving agricultural commodities. I am glad to study this interdisciplinary course with students from different backgrounds, multivariate cultures and nationalities. Most of the module lectures provide us fundamentals and theoretical knowledge about recent research in the fields of agriculture, molecular sciences, genomics, and phytopathology, while other module courses emphasize more on practical knowledge and task-oriented education. Interestingly, all the lectures are very inspiring,enjoyable and outstanding to create conceptual framework within the course contents.” – Surya Prasad Tiwari, 32, Nepal
“All the modules in the international study course Masters of AgriGenomics are well distributed in lectures, seminars, laboratory practical courses, and excursions, along with lectures from guest scientists from leading agricultural industries in Germany and other European countries. These things provide me a solid base and confidence for my future prospectus in research. The University of Kiel provides students with best research possibilities after their studies. Moreover, student’s life in a historical and spectacular city like Kiel, located on shores of the Baltic Sea, is an unforgettable experience.” – Ankush Shankkaro Borlepawar, 23, India Ankush